movie scene Roy Tin Cup McAvoy (Kevin Costner) seems perfectly happy with his life as a Driving Range Pro in the small town of Salome, Texas until Dr. Molly Griswold (Rene Russo) comes to him for golf lessons. It turns out that she's the girlfriend of his old college arch-rival and touring pro, David Simms (Don Johnson). Roy is smitten with Molly and tries to convince her that she's with the wrong guy. In order to lure her away from David and earn her love, he sets out to do the impossible: win the U.S. Open.

With Molly as his shrink and Romeo (Cheech Marin) as his loyal caddy, Roy tries to curb his tendency to 'go for it' and instead chooses to play the smart and safe game in order to win. But the impossible shot is coming... the defining moment is at hand. Can Ray resist this challenge, or does he lay it all on the line and go for it because he thinks he can? I can make that shot!

For his outstanding performance in this movie, Kevin Costner was nominated for a Golden Globe (Tom Cruise won for Jerry Maguire) and a New York Film Critics Circle Award (Geoffrey Rush won for Shine). It was, without a doubt, one of his best! And just as with all of the sports movies that he's made... no one could've done it better!

Tin Cup is a thoroughly irresistible film. If I see it being televised somewhere, there's no way I can not watch it, even though the dvd is sitting on my shelf. I love the music, I love the characters, I love watching Kevin Costner hit those shots. And I love the dialogue: I highly recommend the shovel.

There's no way that you can't laugh out loud while watching this movie, or sit on the edge of your seat on the last hole at the end... it doesn't matter that you already know what's going to happen. What matters is that you've just spent 135 minutes being totally and thoroughly entertained... and that you'd watch it again... and again... and yet again, and still be entertained!